Treats forehead lines / wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines between the eyes

$12 / unit


Plumps fine lines around the mouth, Lip filler / enhancer

$550 per syringe

Chemical Peels

Enhances skin texture by peeling the aging outer layer of the skin to reveal a more radiant and youthful appearance

$150 per peel

$375 package of 3 peels

Customized facials

Facial customized to your specific skincare needs

$125 per facial

$300 package of 3 facials

Laser Hair removal

Price includes a package of 6 treatments

Small Area (Package of 6 treatments)


Upper lip, chin, ears, toes, OR fingers

Medium Area (Package of 6 treatments)


Full face, underarms, neck, OR bikini

Large Area (Package of 6 treatments)


Full legs, full arms, OR full back

Full body package (Unlimited Treatments)


Includes ALL areas of the body
$3400 if purchased separately
Includes free touch-ups!

Men’s Package


Includes full back, shoulder, and neck
$2000 if purchased separately

Touchup treatments (per area)


Gift Certificates Available